Onychomycosis ItraconazoleOnychomycosis Itraconazole ´╗┐Toenail at this point infected by fungus is probably the of the ugliest sights that you'll have. Imagine some yellowing of this toenail plate or your toe becoming green. Will need to be feeling whack! Yet this may be the most issue affecting more than 3 million Americans. Could quite possibly just be next. Onychomycosis Itraconazole Succesful remedy for fungal infections is not an overnight thing to do. It can take months. Using the most efficient treatment technique is key. The treatment of onychomycosis for children is a dual course of treatment. Onychomycosis Itraconazole This associated with fungus thrives in wet, moist and dark places like shoes; especially shoes that don't breath. Socks that are constructed with nylon or polyester do not allow your feet to breath and also trap perspiration. Consequently, the infection may be spread by contaminated bed sheets or current wardrobe.