Fungal Nail InfectionFungal Nail Infection Wearing wet and sweaty athletic shoes can also cause nail fungus. Make sure your shoes are dry before putting them on. As well as wear water absorbent socks to get rid of your chances of catching a fungus. Fungal Nail Infection The easy-to-apply Zetaclear Solution comes by using a topical scrub brush. After application of Zeta Clear, it works under top of your nails to advertise healthy Toenail Fungus cure. Fungal Nail Infection Onychomycosis is the way doctors label this. This disease becomes possible if you are always damp and deprived of air as well as the proper quantity of heat to kill the fungi. Men and women develop living in countries with cold weather are at risk of catching this because many of them wear closed footwear for too long hours. Therefore, if you live in somewhere with such conditions, you need to spend certain hours through the day when it's totally take off your socks and shoes. You can then expose ft to dry air. Delicious rid them of dampness, especially those parts among the toes. While at home, it often be good if you just wear flip-flops.