Fungal Nail InfectionFungal Nail Infection You can quickly find yourself having more issues to deal with if you ignore the issue. There is variation, but the toenail itself will turn weaker or maybe turn more delicate. But, some experience the opposite by having an increase in nail size. In any case, the toenail can be weaker as well as may start breaking here presently there. Of course eventually the whole nail will be fall off, which is really unwanted for anybody. All the while, as due to the presence and involving fungus, you will detect an awful odor. Fungal Nail Infection Tea tree oil can be a well-known anti-fungal and antiseptic. It can be found at natural food stores and the rare pharmacy. It actually is applied straight away to the area affected by placing a few drops on the nail and then rubbing it in 2-3 times just one day for awhile. It can also be mixed with olive oil to assure a great absorption. Fungal Nail Infection The tea tree oil formal end up being applied on infected toenails at least twice in one day. You should use cotton wool swabs and apply it in all the infected areas; you should allow it to dry before you depart the condominium. After taking a shower is most likely the right time apply the formula. It functions well on clean feet because that's absorb it properly.